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PRIZE: Rs 10000 Worth

1- Durganshu Mishra +91-8004531398 ,
2- Lokesh Kumar Gupta +91- 9589489679

Problem Statement:

The team has to build a manually controlled, wired/ wireless , hovercraft that has the capacity to move through a predefined path. The path would consist of varied terrain, having potholes, water and other kinds of terrains as specified in the arena . The aim of the participant is to rake up the maximum points to win the task.

Rules & Regulations:

  • 1-Maximum number of participants allowed per team is 4. However, they need not to be from the same college/ university/institution.

  • 2-Only one person would control the hover craft from each participating team.

  • 3-Only one person would control the hover craft from each participating team.

  • 4-The bot should be capable of traversing through any smooth or rough terrain (like: potholes, water, concrete, grass etc.) mental harassment.

  • 5-Only Electric Motors have to be used in the hovercraft. entertained.

  • 6-Pre made mechanics set parts are not allowed to be used for any kind of mechanism on the bot.

  • 7-Teams qualifying for the first round only go to the second round.

  • 8-Rules are subject to change. bot. disqualification.

Bot Specifications:

  • 1-l*b = 60 * 50 cm maximum allowable limit

  • 2-Brushless motors with rating no more than 1500kv can be used.

  • 3-ESC current ratings not to exceed 25 A.

  • 4-Power supply (battery) above 18 volts cannot be used. mental harassment.

  • 5-Minimum cushion height: 2 cm at full thrust. entertained.

  • 6-Maximum propeller diameter that can be used: 15 cm. disqualification.

Round 1:

Before Run:

  • 1-The robot has to be placed in the starting zone before the start of the event.

  • 2-Other team members cannot touch the hovercraft without permission once the run has started.

During Run:

  • 1-The hovercraft is expected to complete the task within 5 minutes of their start of run. They have to do it without any collision either with the walls of the arena or the obstacles in the track.

  • 2-The hovercraft is expected to complete the task within 5 minutes of their start of run. They have to do it without any collision either with the walls of the arena or the obstacles in the track.

Judging Parameters:

  • 1-Every team will get 20 points as starting bonus.

  • 2-Every team will get 100 points when the hovercraft finishes run.

  • 3-Time bonus will be awarded (in case when bot completes the task) :Time Bonus= 60-(no. of seconds in which bot completes its run through the whole arena.

  • 4-Every team will be awarded with 10 points while clearing each checkpoint.

  • 5-Every collision with the wall of the arena attracts a penalty of 4 points, and every collision with the obstacles attracts a penalty of 6 points. entertained.

Round 2:

  • The round 2 of Hovercraft will be disclosed on the day of the event.

  • Certificate Policy:

    • 1-Top 3 teams will be awarded by Certificate of Excellence for the event.

    • 2-Top 5 teams will be awarded by Certificate of participation other than the top 3 teams.



    Ever heard about LOCO & MOBSHOW!?? Then this one is for you guys.

    1- Mohammad Akram +91-8500187758
    2- Sohail Mohammed +91-9479469137
    3- Shaik Mohammed Inamul Hassan +91-8085620284

    Prize Money : 3000/-

    Theme: Technical Quiz

    General Guidelines

    Questions are based on some crunchy concepts of SCIENCE
    Quiz is open for engineering students of any Branch!!
    Each Question has a Time Limit and Unique answer
    Each Round can be attempted only once per candidate
    There is fixed time for every round Details of further rounds will be intimated to only those who qualify in previous rounds.
    Individual registration
    Eliminations will be done in every round

    ROUND 1:

    • 1-Venue: Online, Date: 9/3/2018

    • 2. You can use any SOURCE -- Google, Wikipedia….!!.

    Details of Further rounds will be intimated later..

    NOTE: Decisions of Quiz Masters will be final

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    PRIZE: Rs 7000 Worth

    1- Vivek Meena +91-9636039512
    2- Mayank Jain +91- 9589490471


    -Experience the fun in true engineering while working with rocket propulsion and aerodynamics. Challenge gravity and check if your rocket remains in air for maximum duration of time. Use all your knowledge and apply hands-on changes to make your rocket to stay in air for maximum time. A simple rocket can be made using a plastic bottle filled with a volume of water and pressurized air.


    1.Maximum number of participants allowed per team is 3. However, they need not to be from the same college/ university/institution.
    2. Only water and air can be used as propellants.
    3. Maximum pressure range allowed is 60-70 psi. It is compulsory for the participants to bring their own launchers. No launcher will be provided from our side.
    4 An electric compressor will be provided on the spot for pressurizing the water rocket.
    5. A stopwatch will be used to measure the time of flight. The duration shall include the time when the rocket is launched and until it touches the ground in the first instance. The time for the motion of the rocket after touching the ground once is not included.
    6. The team will be disqualified in case the bottle bursts while pressurizing and still mounted on the launcher.
    7. Participants are allowed to use only one model through all the rounds.
    8. The organizers reserve all rights to change any or all of the above rules. However, you are suggested to keep checking the website regularly.
    9. Water Rocket and any of its components should be handmade. Ready- made models are strictly not allowed.

    Points distribution

    ROUND 1
    This round is for measurement of height and time of flight. The water rocket must cross a minimum height of 50 feet. If any team does not cross 50 feet, they will be directly eliminated.
    ROUND 2
    In this round range of water rocket and time of flight will be measured with a condition that the rocket should reach at least 30 m from launch point. In case, the rocket does not attain 30 m minimum range, 10 points will be deducted. ROUND 3
    In 3rd round, accuracy of the rocket will be measured. For this, you will be given a fixed target. Your aim is to hit the target. The target will be a circular arena which will be divided into three concentric circular regions. The center of circles will be 30 m away from launching point.
    a. If your rockets hits innermost region (dia-.5 m), you will be awarded 150 points
    b. The next Region B (dia- 1m) holds 100 points.
    c. The last Region C (dia- 2 m) holds 50 points.
    NOTE: NO points will be awarded if the water rocket lands outside the arena. NO pts will be awarded regarding to time of flight if rocket lands outside arena.


    The team with greater points will be awarded superior rank. All decisions taken by the organizing team will be deemed as final, and no more changes will be encouraged, thus holding the full authority to change any of the above rules as per circumstances.